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Lot  Managers

The CMB is divied into geographical areas called "Lots".  The term "lot" refers to the area where a circus will set-up its Big Top.  Use the map below to identify the lot where you live in the United States of America.  Lot 7 is the international lot for those living outside of the U.S.A.



Lot 1 Manager: Don Kowell


Lot 2 Manager: Patrick Wentzel


Lot 3 Manager: Rich Hull


Lot 4 Manager: Wayne Scheiner


Lot 5 Manager:Pete Hildreth


Lot 6 Manager: Ken Seipp


Lot 1 Manager - Donald Kowell

Lot 2 Manager - Patrick Wentzel

Lot 3 Manager - Dave Lorbeske

Lot 4 Manager - Wayne Scheiner

Lot 5 Manager - Larry Brage

Lot 6 Manager - Kenneth Seipp

Lot 7 Manager - Michael Hartigan

Lot 8 Manager - Nicholas Weber

Lot 9 Manager - William A. Braun

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