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CMB Annual

Wabash Indiana
August 8-10, 2024

The Great Wallace Ring and Lot #3 of the Circus Model Builders is hosting the 2024 Circus Model Builders Convention, August 8-10, 2024 in Wabash, IN. The location will be the Ingraham Building at the Wabash County Fairgrounds. This facility will handle easily 40-45 tables without crowding. If more space is needed, we can add a building next door with equally large space. There will be no first come, first served for this event. All 8-foot tables and chairs are included in the rental of the building. Restrooms are available in each building and the main building has a kitchen. There is ample electric outlets and will be no charge for electricity.

We have total charge of the building(s) and can set our own hours and secure the facility each night. There is ample parking for the public and well as exhibitors and their trailers.

Present schedule would be set-up the afternoon of August 7, full day of exhibits Thursday, Friday and tear down Saturday at 3 PM. The annual banquet would be held Friday evening.

A very new and elegant Hampton Inn has been secured as a headquarters hotel and room rates in the range of $135 plus Tax for 2 queen beds per room or king. If spillover is needed a Holiday Inn Express is with ½ mile.

A budget has been set and tentative registration is $75 including one banquet ticket. Guest/spouse registration is $45 including one banquet ticket.

There are several locations to have the banquet all serving wonderful food and that location will be picked after the first of the year.

A budget has been set and committees formed. The present budget shows the convention to operate on the profit side.

If approved, this would be the 3rd Circus Model Builders Convention held in the area. The first two were simply Lot gatherings that had more attendance than most national meetings. Nearby Peru has held several National conventions. The town of Wabash is rich in circus history. Terrell Jacobs claimed Wabash as his home and is buried there. The Modoc elephant escapade took place in this area and our featured speaker for the banquet will be Mike Beauchamp who re-enacts the story and Jacobs in full costume.

Wabash is very close to Peru, IN and there are many tourists’ sites within an hour’s drive of Wabash. The city of Wabash itself has a thriving downtown and there will be many things to see and do for the wives and children attending the convention.

Much more information to come!

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