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Membership to the Circus Model Builders is open to everyone interested in building, collecting, and displaying circus models.

Step 1) Choose your preferred method of joining the CMB usinig one of the two options either through PayPal (additional $3.00 PayPal fee) or the postal system.

Step 2) Locate your "Lot" based on your home address.

Step 3) Find a "Ring" closest to your home.


Step 4) Contact the "Ringmaster" of the Ring nearest to your residence.

No Rings located near you?

Want to join a Ring outside of your Lot?

Living in the US and want to be part of the International Lot?

Living in the U.K. and want to join a Yankee Doodle Ring?

NO PROBLEM!!!    Just contact the Ringmaster of the Ring or Rings your interested in joining and become a member!


By Postal System

Mail dues with completed form to:

CMB Treasurer

P.O. Box 15742

Clearwater, FL. 33766


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